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What We Do

Castor Fruit

Transforming non-arable terrain into productive food and energy producing terrain a short explanation about why Castor trees are necessary to restore the environment. Presenter: Jesse Wainer.


Renewable Energy Solutions for a Productive Future

We at CoNic first and foremost focus on the reduction of Wood consumption as a fuel source in the Central American Jungle in an effort to retain our Rain Forests.

Our goal is to help rural and indigenous people implement renewable burning electric generators as an alternative to Wood burning as a fuel source by way of producing their own renewable energy via the cultivation of CASTOR , thus replenishing dilapidated and destroyed parcels of land that were once lush rain forests in an effort to combat climate change and global warming.

We work in conjunction with over 65 rural indigenous communities, we planted over 3 MILLION TREES in 2019 and with your help we hope to plant over 10 Million trees and reach over 200 communities in 2020, please watch our videos and share our work with the world, we look forward to your support.


Castor is widely used in the production of technology - from components in hand-held devices to one’s laptop, along with components in the new F-35 fighter jet, space exploration vehicles, energy in the form of renewable clean burning fuels and the production of clean green electricity that can ensure the existence of any population in the 23rd century and the security the whole world deserves.

A small vision can SOON turn into a global solution.

How We Feel

Nature environment restoration.

A quick explanation about planting castor we transform deescalated non-arable terrain into productive food . Author Jesse Wainer.


Irrespective of your stance on this debate, Global warming and the weather are certainly factors to be reckoned with: should the average global temperature change by a mere 2 degrees, we are told that this could spell disaster. Undisputedly, one thing we can tell you is that we, the people who farm and produce your renewable energy, coffee and chocolate, do see the real effects of climate change. And because this is our livelihood, we too would like a say in the matter; if anyone has reason to act in a manner that protects our livelihoods, it is us- the very people who cultivate for the consumer.


Castor provides shade and nutrients to food crops, essentially providing protection. So, by planting castor, we transform spans of barren non-arable terrain into productive food-producing land in 12 months or less.


By replacing traditional fossil fuel in automobiles with castor-produced biodiesel, one emits merely 14% carbon monoxide – this amounts to 86% LESS than that emitted by combusting fossil fuel.

However, for every hectare of castor cultivation, 7 Tons of carbon monoxide are cleaned from the atmosphere per an-um: the same hectare produces 2,600 liters of ecopower additive biodiesel, polluting only 239 kg on combustion, thus leaving a carbon credit of 6761 kg.

The implications of this is that technically, by mixing castor ecopower additive biodiesel with fossil diesel by at least 1% but preferably 5%, this would eliminate a carbon footprint, reverse climate change, clean our atmosphere and restore nature’s balance, thereby securing man’s future survival.

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