The idea of cultivating the world’s highest yielding strains of castor was first conceived in 2012 and now, after many years from proof of concept to final result, we would like to share our findings and results with you. The EDEN project managed by CoNIC opens its doors to those who wish to support our initiative with the hopes of expanding to have the presence in as many as 80 countries that we believe would benefit from soliciting our services in order to duplicate our efforts by way of implementing our proven business model, in the hopes of reducing climate change and global warming.

What We Do and How is it Relevant?

Castor of Nicaragua (CoNIC ) has created and cultivated strains of the world’s highest yielding castor seed and with our intellectual properties and business model, we have been able to produce premium “castor oil” – a very valuable raw ingredient widely sought after in technology and used in the manufacturing of around 800 products- from the production of biodiesel, biodegradable plastics and pharmaceuticals, to name just a few. Moreover, CoNIC offers premium castor at a competitive price, far less than the international market price, thus making the aforementioned types of products in the future more accessible and affordable to the masses.

Simultaneously, with an objective to create around 100,000 jobs in Nicaragua alone, the lives of impoverished rural people will be improved, and if implemented and minimized internationally, our initiative has the potential to empower and create in excess of 8 million new jobs in many of the most impoverished countries in the world.

We at CoNic first and foremost focus on the reduction of Wood consumption as a fuel source in the Central American Jungle in an effort to retain our Rain Forests.

Our goal is to help rural and indigenous people implement renewable burning electric generators as an alternative to Wood burning as a fuel source by way of producing their own renewable energy via the cultivation of CASTOR , thus replenishing dilapidated and destroyed parcels of land that were once lush rain forests in an effort to combat climate change and global warming.

We work in conjunction with over 65 rural indigenous communities, we planted over 3 MILLION TREES in 2019 and with your help we hope to plant over 10 Million trees and reach over 200 communities in 2020, please watch our videos and share our work with the world, we look forward to your support.

Here we show you firsthand our simple and effective transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy.

Here we show you the consumption of Wood, plus the destruction and burning of our rain forests and walk you through the dilemma we the world face and explain the solution we have to offer

Renewable Energy Alternative

Here at CoNIC we créate and produce Diesel (EcoDiesel) , in this video we walk you through our process and production line to demonstrate first hand how we produce the world’s cleanest and most affordable Diesel combustible thanks to the propriety WAINER Castor Strains.

Reversing Climate Change & The Cleaning of The Atmosphere.

When it comes to burning biodiesel in your car one does emit 14% carbon monoxide, 86% less than fossil fuel, however for every hectare of castor cultivation cleans 7 tones carbon monoxide from the atmosphere per year the same hectare produces 2,600 liters polluting only 239kg on burning, thus leaving a carbon credit of 6761 kg, that means if we could mix castor biodiesel with fossil diesel by at least 4% to preferably 40%, technically this would eliminate a carbon footprint, reverse climate change, clean our atmosphere and restore nature’s balance and secure man’s future survival.

Eliminating World Hunger.

The world currently cultivates 2.1 billion hectares of arable land used for food production , the world has access to 5.6 billion hectares of non-arable land not used in food production, technically in theory if we the world where to farm 1.1 billion hectares of non-arable nonproductive land that is accessible with our proprietary castor strains then we technically would produce our total daily fuel consumption requirement via a green renewable method along with transforming this land into arable food producing land hence at the same time producing additional food to sustain an additional 3 billion people, thus eliminating world hunger.

Eradicating, Eliminating, Transforming & Cleaning of Fossil Plastics / WASTE POLLUTION

We do not believe in eradicating fossil fuel, we believe in coexistence, how is this possible? let us explain; in 2017 and to date many large companies such as Fuji (www.fuji.com) Toyota (www.toyota.com) etc., have found new advances by way of combining 61% or more castor biodegradable plastic with 39% or less fossil plastic to create a new stronger, lighter materials that still retain its biodegradable qualities, thus with these new findings and developments it is now possible to eradicate fossil plastic waste by way of recycling and mixing as once consumed and reintroduced as waste it will then become transformed and broken down to fish food or plant food truly amazing!!!, not only can this new material demonstrate the synergy and future existence of fossil fuel but it can take a dirty fuel cell and convert into a clean nontoxic, carbon free cell.

How We Feel

A small vision can one day turn into a global solution

With the world’s current problems of mass population, mass migration, mass consumption and mass pollution creating mass chaos which divides nations and divides classes, somehow in all this hysteria, a simple solution has been overlooked: Castor provides the

To understand more, we ask you to go to the beginning, literally to the beginning of the Bible where in the Book of Genesis, God instructs Adam (Man) to go forth and use this seed (castor) for man’s protection, warmth and security. Not an edible plant, the castor tree, one of 60 plants in the Garden of Eden, was known as “the tree of compassion”, for it gave from itself for the benefit of the other 59 edible trees. Today, more than ever, these ancient words are more relevant in a modern world than most would know.

Simply said, the words “protection, translate to Castor being widely used in the production of technology – from components in our everyday electronic devices to components in the new F-35 fighter jet, space exploration vehicles, energy in the form of renewable clean burning fuels and the production of clean green electricity that can ensure the existence of any population in the 23rd century and the security the whole world deserves.

Additionally, Castor provides shade and nutrients to food crops (protection) so inherently, by planting castor we transform dilapidated non arable terrain into productive, food-producing land within 12 months or less.

We all witness the global debate on global warming : should the average global temperature change by a mere 2 degrees, we are told that this could spell disaster. Undisputedly, one thing we can tell you is that we, the people who farm and produce your renewable energy, coffee and chocolate, do see the real effects of climate change.

And because this is our livelihood, we too would like a say in the matter; if anyone has reason to act in a manner that protects our livelihoods, it is us- the very people who cultivate for the consumer.

The Relevance of Castor Production

Castor of Nicaragua (CoNic) is a private company and we do not preach politically or religiously, however, we do preach common sense and we are here to create revenue by transforming barren non-arable terrain into productive energy and food producing land within a year or less, and job security for the masses.